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Jordan Ramis PC's attorneys are prolific writers on issues of interest and importance to our clients. We write for numerous industry publications as well as for our own newsletter, Off the Record,  and email alerts. Our Article Database covers hundreds of topics.  Below are our ten most recent articles.  Our article database covers hundreds of topics.  To find an article, use the search and filter feature below.

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Who is in Charge of that Signal?
Singing the Employee Handbook Blues 2014
HB 4078 | A Grand Bargain for Some; Years More Work for Others
Low Impact Development Rules Impacting Development Soon
Washington Supreme Court Acts to Limit Acquisition of New Water Rights
A Primer in Employee Leave Rights for Managers and Administrators
Beware! Builders Targeted by Patent Trolling Company
Oregon Prevailing-Wage Law Significantly Altered
Top Oregon Lien Mistakes
The Risks and Rewards of Joint Checks

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