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Clark County Stormwater Requirements Modified to Reflect Local Conditions
Posted on Monday, December 21, 2015 by
On December 10, 2015, the Department of Ecology approved a locally-calibrated model for four of the five Clark County soil groups (SG1, SG2, SG4, and SG5). For soil group SG 3, one change is curren...
Point-based System of Land Designation Viable
Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2015
BY KRISTIN FRENCHThe good news is that Washington counties may utilize point systems to evaluate lands for Growth Management Act designation. However as Ferry County recently learned, the bad news ...
Land Use Regulations Tied to Inequality
Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2015
BY KRISTIN FRENCH AND JOSEPH SCHAEFERGovernmental economists are concerned: incomes for the middle class aren’t rising, and inequality is.  Land-use restrictions are at least partially t...
Metro UGB Decision Conflicts with Claims of Housing Crisis
Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2015
BY KRISTIN FRENCHThe November 12, 2015 Metro Council decision to not expand the Urban Growth Boundary (“UGB”) flies in the face of statewide planning goals and blithely ignores present-...
Subcontractor or Materialman?
Posted on Monday, November 09, 2015
BY BRENT CARPENTERWhat is a subcontractor? The answer to the question seems obvious, but it is not always easy to distinguish a subcontractor from a materialman (i.e., materials supplier). However,...
Oregon Court of Appeals Approves Scappoose UGB Expansion
Posted on Monday, November 02, 2015
In a breathtaking turnaround from many prior opinions that denied urban growth boundary expansions (think Metro, Woodburn, Newberg, McMinnville, and…), the Oregon Court of Appeals approved t...
A Pyrrhic Victory: Multi/Tech v. Innovative Design and Construction
Posted on Friday, October 16, 2015
BY JACOB ZAHNISER OCTOBER 2015In the Pyrrhic War, King Pyrrhus of Epirus defeated the Romans but suffered tremendous casualties in doing so: he won the battle, but lost the war. Hence, a “Py...
OPMA Decision: What Constitutes a Meeting?
Posted on Friday, October 09, 2015
BY KRISTIN FRENCH OCTOBER 2015Until now, the answer to the question–when are committees associated with governing bodies of public agencies subject to Washington’s Open Public Meetings...
Jaime Herrera Beutler Introduces Pro-Jobs Bill to Move Stalled Economic Development Projects Forward
Posted on Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Jordan Ramis land use attorney Jamie Howsley works closely with many government agencies to expedite economic development projects.  One perennial cause for delays is when a public agency must...
Portland Japanese Garden Expansion
Posted on Friday, July 31, 2015
If you’ve ever had friends or family visit, you’ve likely been asked: “When are we going to the Japanese Garden?”  A Portland staple, over 300,000 visitors enjoy it eve...
Housing Up, Up, and A Way Up
Posted on Friday, June 05, 2015
By Jamie Howsley So I just watched Moneyball again this past week, and it always reminds me of my love for statistics.  I think it goes back to all those years of collecting baseball cards an...
New Washington Law Makes Building Houses Less Expensive
Posted on Friday, May 29, 2015
Homebuilders pay tens of thousands of dollars in impact fees when they obtain building permits, even though the actual impacts being paid for do not occur until after the house is sold and the firs...
Local Governments Can Use Zoning to Ban Marijuana Gardens
Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2015
The Washington Supreme Court made an important ruling today on collective gardens that grow marijuana. Though the Washington State Medical Use of Cannabis Act (MUCA) allows patients who qualify to ...
Is the $200,000 Home Dead?
Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
By Jamie Howsley In a very well written article in Builder Magazine they posit the question of whether or not an affordable single family detached starter home is a thing of the past.  The ar...
The Difference Between Medical and Recreational Pot
Posted on Monday, March 02, 2015
The difference between medical and recreational pot is regulatory. Medical pot is regulated by the Oregon Health Authority, whose focus is licensing of growers, and on prescriptions and eligibility...
Vested Rights Taking Center Stage in Washington
Posted on Thursday, February 05, 2015
The Washington Supreme Court denied review of the Potala Village Development v. City of Kirkland case today.  Potala Village planned a 143-unit residential development in Kirkland, but the Cit...
Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Posted on Tuesday, February 03, 2015
Division II of the Washington Court of Appeals ruled today that Whatcom County should not be compelled to adopt a Comprehensive Plan amendment allowing for the expansion of a mineral resource zone ...
Fish Persistence and Municipal Water Rights Extensions
Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2015
Oregon Court of Appeals reviewed conditions for fish persistence placed on extensions to a municipal water permit.