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The View from Washington, D.C.: Policies, Funding and Elections

The Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, Washington
October 19-21, 2021

The Pacific Northwest Waterways Association is holding their annual conference live at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver Washington. This is the ​perfect ​opportunity ​to reconnect ​with PNWA ​colleagues and ​regional ​and ​federal ​partners. It’s been a crazy year and a half, so this ​is ​the ​ideal ​time ​to ​touch ​base ​as ​the ​calendar ​year ​winds ​down, ​the new federal fiscal year starts, and ​we prepare ​for ​the ​coming ​year’s ​vital ​advocacy ​efforts. ​

Bringing his extensive federal government experience to the table, Jordan Ramis Attorney Gregory Zerzan will be presenting “The View from Washington, D.C.: Policies, Funding and Elections.” Policymakers are debating funding priorities for the upcoming fiscal year, expiration of the debt limit, and infrastructure and stimulus spending proposals. These will likely include significant changes to tax and regulatory policy that will have a material impact on businesses and individuals. This presentation will lend perspective on the opportunities and challenges presented by current developments in our Nation’s Capital.

Tags: Governmental Services, Local Governments and Special Districts

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