Jordan Ramis PC - Attorneys at Law Established in 1963, we are an entrepreneurial law firm serving business and government throughout the Pacific Northwest. Articles written by attorneys at Jordan Ramis PC are featured here. Jordan Ramis PC en-us Sun, 13 Jun 2021 05:24:18 -0700 Sun, 13 Jun 2021 05:24:18 -0700 Shoreline Development: Look at the Big Picture – and Plan Ahead–-and-plan-ahead/ Private Development Projects on Federal Land May Trigger National Environmental Policy Act Requirements COVID-19 and Business Interruption Coverage: Go ahead and file that claim! Business Interruption coverage protects against economic losses resulting from a business’s inability to put insured property that has been damaged by a covered “peril” to its normal use. Aquatic Land Leases in Washington While there is authority in law and regulation for transfer of an aquatic lands lease to a new owner who intends to continue engaging in non-water dependent use of the leased land, the specific terms of the existing lease may add requirements such as state approval of the transfer. Archaeological Artifacts: Considerations for Site Development There are a host of environmental considerations – and related permitting requirements – developers should take into account when undertaking a project. Copyright and Collaboration: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The creative process should be a fun and cooperative one, and the best way to avoid disputes is to enter into a well-drafted collaboration agreement before the work begins. Washington Supreme Court: Individual Legislators Subject To Public Records Law Under the Public Records Act, individual legislators are “agencies” for the purposes of public records disclosure requirements, but institutional legislative bodies (e.g., senate, house) are not. Building a Case for Damages Claims under RCW 64.04.020 Washington Supreme Court Clarifies Standard of Review for Damages Claims under RCW 64.040.020 False Advertising, Unfair Competition, and New CBD Regulatory Hurdles for Hemp How and where will the FTC and FDA will be setting boundaries for the CBD market?