Around Jordan Ramis it is often jokingly said that there is only one degree of separation between Doug Cushing and everyone else in America. There is an amazing amount of truth to this. Throughout his life, Doug has prioritized community involvement and has striven to make and maintain positive relationships. As a result, he has friends and contacts all over the country, especially in his home state of Oregon.

"My wife and I have both been involved in a lot of activities over the years, and we think we can find a connection almost anywhere," Doug said, at the recent fundraising gala for the Oregon Partnership, which promotes awareness about substance abuse and where his wife, Judy, is CEO and president.

Raised in McMinnville and educated at Stanford and Willamette Universities, Doug practiced law in Medford, Oregon, at the beginning of his career. In Medford he was active on the local school board and was president of the Oregon School Board Association. Through his involvement with these organizations and their alumni, he made lasting connections — both locally and nationally.

Doug's community involvement did not stop when he moved to Lake Oswego. Since relocating, Doug has served on the Lake Oswego Development Review Commission and has participated in multiple citizens' committees, making him a well-known figure in the community. In addition, he regularly participates in all manner of business and industry groups in the metro area, where he has nurtured and widened his circle of friends and contacts.

As noted by Judy, Doug has always been the "consummate networker." She says, "He connects the dots. He connects people to other people." Doug has found that his dedication to community involvement and networking yields benefits in his professional life. Through sustained personal relationships, he can better understand the challenges and needs of his clients — as well as offer resources and referrals for their needs that extend beyond legal representation.

Doug believes that professional success is predicated on a willingness to engage with clients and serve your community. Doug says, "Representing clients is all about relationships," and he truly lives that philosophy.