Attorney Jamie Howsley has two passions — land use law and live music. He attributes his love for each to his father, a respected planner and land use attorney.

"I am one of the few people around who grew up watching land use hearings at night," Howsley said, smiling. "It is kind of an odd beginning, but I realized I liked the concept of real estate development and seeing a project go from bare dirt on up to a place where people could live, work, and play."

Jamie's father would frequently play a game with Jamie and his sister, challenging them to name the artist playing the music on the radio, including the song title, album, and year. Correct answers would score them points that could be applied to buying records.

That love of music now includes playing his several guitars or seeing live music 2-3 times a month — that's down from nearly 10 times a month prior to his son being born last year. "I think live music is a different experience than just getting a CD and putting it on; I really appreciate that and I have a very vast music collection on vinyl, CDs, and MP3s. But something about going to a show and having that interaction with the artist and they can feed off the crowd's energy and vice versa, it is a neat emotional experience."

He said there are parallels between music and the law — both take years of practice to master, for example. As an independent music fan, he appreciates how that genre creatively explores new sounds. "I can also see that in law where sometimes things are done best if not exactly by the book, but by being creative to solve your clients' needs."

A land use attorney is an integral part of any development team and Jamie prides himself on being a dedicated professional who knows how to navigate the myriad of complex rules and relationships encountered in land development. He is known for finding creative, cost-effective solutions to challenges that could hamper a project.

Jamie, a graduate of Willamette University's School of Law, was recently named as a finalist for the 2012 Daily Journal of Commerce Leadership in the Law and was named a Rising Star in 2011 and 2012 by Washington Super Lawyers.