When attorney Scott Anders is not busy with government relations, bankruptcy, or real estate issues, he is often found engaged in one of his favorite pastimes; slow-smoked barbecue.

Scott has been barbecuing for years, starting partially due to his father's tendency to burn meat or, as Scott puts it, to cook it "crispy-crunchy." This encouraged Scott to search for new flavors and methods. As he has gained experience and knowledge, his hobby has gotten increasingly more nuanced and complex. Instead of overly spicing, and thus overpowering the taste of the meat, Scott is careful with his ingredients, attempting to always compliment the natural flavors of a good cut of meat.

Scott's barbecuing philosophy is also applicable to the practice of law. "If you come in too heavy-handed you may have just bought yourself a whole lot of extra time and work," says Scott. This results in unhappy clients and drawn-out, adversarial proceedings. Scott believes it is much better to be efficient and work with opposing counsel in a subtle, cooperative, and nuanced fashion.

Scott's practice connects him to clients from all walks of life. He enjoys solving his clients' problems and helping them "establish a situation that's going to allow their business to grow and prosper." When Scott helps a client with a business concern, it is good for many people, not just that individual business or Scott's practice. "I see it as a kind of community good overall," he says. If he can put a business in a position to succeed, that benefits employees and the surrounding community.

If you have a question about bankruptcy and creditors' rights, government relations, or land use issue, or just want to talk about barbecuing, give Scott a call. You may not get the recipe for his secret rub, but you will get some solid legal advice.