As the managing shareholder at Jordan Ramis PC, Steve Shropshire is no stranger to management and leadership. When he is not practicing law or helping run the firm, Steve volunteers as the head coach of his son's Raleigh Hills Little League team. Steve finds coaching baseball, which he has done for the last seven years, a satisfying experience, because he is able to see the young athletes' development from day to day.

Steve readily compares his role as managing shareholder to his coaching position. His leadership, teamwork, and managerial skills are used in both pursuits. He points out that in both law and baseball, "it's important to focus on teamwork and to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction to achieve a common goal."

Coaching, however, is not all work and no play. Hearing Steve describe his team and their games, it is clear he enjoys coaching. Maybe that is because baseball, like the practice of law, involves strategic thinking and creativity. "Sometimes you have to get creative," Steve says. "It is one of the best things I like about both the practice of law and also coaching baseball." In both areas, Steve has learned how to coordinate his team's specific skills to achieve victory.

As a lawyer, Steve helps his clients understand and navigate the complex legal environment that governs natural resources, environmental, real estate, and land use matters. He advises clients in a wide variety of contexts including transactions, administrative proceedings, and legislation. Steve is also a seasoned litigator who effectively represents his clients before state agencies as well as state and federal courts, having served as counsel on several cases involving water rights issues of first impression before Oregon, Colorado, and federal courts.

If you have a question for Steve, feel free to call. We guarantee he brings the same passion and enthusiasm to his practice that he brings to the baseball diamond.