Tim Ramis has made a career of legal work in land use, city planning, and municipal law. For Tim, this isn't simply a profession, but a passion. Outside of his practice, Tim can be found hard at work on his new video blog,, which highlights the good and bad of urban design, city planning, land use, governance, transportation, and other related topics. focuses on the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington region, known for its unique approach to city planning and land use. Through his practice, Tim has worked on numerous projects in these areas. His unique background and knowledge helps him to distill which plans have succeeded, which haven't, and why. is more than a blog; it's an ongoing project. You can actively participate in multiple ways. Check out the blog and share your comments in the notebook section below each video. You can also email to help point us in the direction of new, interesting stories. Send us your own video comments and stories, or information about projects you've been involved in. We're always looking for new and innovative voices.