A Penny Saved

Insurance Coverage


  • A large loss and demand claim was received by an insurer.
  • Other insurers were involved in the loss, but had significantly lower limits.
  • The insurer faced a potential exposure in excess of $1 million.
  • The insurer, uncertain of how to respond to the demand, called to discuss options for coordinating arguments.


  • Jordan Ramis examined background facts to verify circumstances and identify coverage exclusions.
  • Policies were examined for our client insurer as well as other insurers involved in the claim.
  • Additional coverage required by other insurers was identified, facts were investigated and claimants were deposed.
  • Jordan Ramis provided a comprehensive analysis and written opinion to our client to assist them in understanding their options and the ramifications of each. 
  • Jordan Ramis provided the claimant’s attorney with a roadmap to establish additional coverage. 


  • The other insurance company also involved in the claim provided additional coverage for the claim.
  • The investigation showed that a previously unrecognized exclusion applied to our client insurer.
  • Our client insurer was able to settle the demand legally and fairly, and avoided the originally implied $1 million in exposure.