Commercial Tenancy

Breach of Lease


  • A business dispute between co-owners and tenants led to the abandonment of a lease in a commercial building. 
  • The space was filled with the tenant’s property, which prevented the landlord from moving past the dispute and filling the vacancy.
  •  The tenant ownership group was in a dispute amongst themselves as to who owned the property within the leased space and tried to use the landlord as a referee.


  • Jordan Ramis limited the landlord’s exposure by developing a neutral platform for property removal, and an expedited filing of a Breach of Lease complaint was completed.


  • The effort allowed the landlord the ability to re-let the premises in an efficient and timely manner by defining the tenants’ internal fight.
  • The solution also prevented exposure for the landlord, which could arise from the landlord choosing sides in the tenant’s business dispute.