Land for Jobs

UGB Modifications


  • Our client wanted to include approximately 500+ acres of land inside an urban growth boundary (UGB).
  • A large portion of the property was currently used as an active dairy farm.
  • There were no urban services nearby and no long-term vision for the property.
  • A legal challenge as to the conversion of agricultural land was inevitable.
  • The property needed to be annexed and zoned.


  • Jordan Ramis developed a mixed-use vision for the land focusing on job creation.
  • Jordan Ramis communicated the vision to elected officials in the city and county for inclusion into the urban growth boundary.
  • After communicating the vision, Jordan Ramis gained acceptance into the Urban Growth Areas.
  • The decision was appealed by a statewide environmental group
  • The property was annexed to the city before a decision in the land use case.


  • Jordan Ramis successfully annexed the property under a development agreement with the city for a collective vision of property.
  • Additionally, Jordan Ramis developed a unique zoning code specifically for the property.
  • Jordan Ramis successfully defended the property against legal challenges before the Washington Supreme Court.
  • The work resulted in the largest acreage parcel in the Portland region to develop new employment opportunities.