Legal Tool Kit

Efficient Lease Enforcement


  • The 2008 recession caused a significant uptick in commercial tenant lease performance problems.
  • The nature of the performance problems was fairly consistent.
  • The legal cost to address performance problems was potentially very high and needed to be managed.


  • The Jordan Ramis team compartmentalized the nature of the poor performance, and developed a legal tool kit of solutions to address the categories of performance issues.
  • Jordan Ramis then provided our clients with tool kit training and developed a fixed legal fee approach for problems fitting within the tool kit solutions.
  • Working with our clients, Jordan Ramis implemented a reporting system for our clients to facilitate internal decision making.


  • The resulting program provides excellent legal cost management (both short- and long -term).
  • Our client’s internal lease enforcement protocols have been improved, as have lease enforcement provisions.
  • The program allowed Jordan Ramis to provide enhanced lease enforcement services to other real estate clients.