Made in the Shade

Pioneering water credits program


  • Our client was developing a freshwater environment ecosystem services thermal credit trading program and needed help identifying and managing the legal components of the program.
  • They also needed to design a program to allow regulated entities to meet environmental permitting obligations through watershed and flow improvement projects


  • The Jordan Ramis team provided advice regarding the regulatory, business and programmatic aspects of the pioneering thermal credit trading program.  This includes analysis of Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act issues; the development of thermal credit contracts with regulated entities; development of agreements with regulatory agencies; and the development of legal documentation for program participants, riparian landowners and sub-contractors.
  • Jordan Ramis worked closely with in-house counsel to provide timely and practical assistance in an emerging area of law.


  • The project was recognized by President Obama as a pioneering conservation program at the 2012 White House Conservation Conference.
  • Jordan Ramis helped our client gain recognition as a pioneering force in free-market conservation, leading to significant additional projects and investment.
  • The project created templates for future transactions, allowing our client's in-house legal team to manage future deals and keep outside legal fees to a minimum.