Superfund Cleanup

Portland Harbor


  • The client owned and operated several sites within the Portland Harbor area, and needed local representation and assistance with the many issues that would arise as a result of the Portland Harbor’s listing as a Superfund site.


  • The Jordan Ramis team negotiated with state and federal regulators regarding the client’s response and fulfillment of orders requiring performance of several related remedial investigations and feasibility studies.
  • Jordan Ramis also monitored and managed our client’s participation with other potentially responsible parties engaged in similar efforts, and their response to and participation in ongoing cooperative natural resource injury and damage assessments proposed by the Portland Harbor Natural Resource Trustees’ Council.
  • In addition, Jordan Ramis monitored and managed ongoing voluntary apportionment and allocation of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (“CERCLA”) liabilities connected to the investigation and remediation of contamination within the Portland Harbor Superfund site, as well as the natural resource restoration or recovery of natural resource damages related to the same Superfund site.


  • As corporate environmental counsel, Jordan Ramis routinely gives advice on matters related to permit compliance, solid waste management, and tax credits.
  • On behalf of our client, Jordan Ramis responds to day-to-day issues that arise related to regular compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and represents our client as insurance coverage counsel in connection with obtaining insurance coverage for costs and expenses incurred as a result of such involvement and required actions.