Trading Hands

Property with Legacy Contamination


  • Our client purchased a former agricultural chemicals formulation and packaging facility located in east Portland, Oregon in 2005. 
  • The purchase required that the client obtain immunity from legacy contaminants pursuant to a Prospective Purchaser Agreement (“PPA”) with the State of Orego;, remediate the facility after purchase under Department of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”) oversight pursuant to the terms of the PPA; and engage and use public economic development funds which were repaid to the state after remediation was complete.
  • In 2009, the client acquired (via trade) an adjacent contaminated property from an impacted neighbor, constructed a confined disposal facility (“CDF”), and adjusted the property boundary to incorporate the entire facility into a single parcel. 
  • This addition required expansion of the existing PPA protections and considerable supervision of the design and construction of the CDF. 
  • In 2013, the entire facility was sold. 
  • The sale required transfer of all PPA protections to the buyer and full compliance with an ASTM standard “All Appropriate Inquiry” (“AAI”) to satisfy both the buyer and its lender.


  • Jordan Ramis assisted in every phase of the above described transactions as environmental and real estate counsel. 
  • Most recently, in 2013, Jordan Ramis managed the AAI investigations and environmental elements of the sale documents for our client (the seller). 
  • Jordan Ramis also assisted the tenant in its negotiation of the environmental elements of a new lease agreement with its new landlord.


  • The transaction went forward as planned, all environmental and real estate requirements were met, negotiations were successful, and the new lease agreement is in force.