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Dirt Law®

Dirt Law®

"Given the volume and variety of work we do in the western United States, our company has had very few disputes. One reason is that the Jordan Ramis team helps prepare agreements that resolve construction contract, labor, and employment issues up front and then trains us how to use them. They focus on analysis, strategy, problem-solving, and alternate dispute resolution — lawsuits are a last resort. Relying on Jordan Ramis' advice helps keep us efficient, profitable, and out of court." — President of a large building and heavy structural construction company


Jordan Ramis PC has built a reputation as a premier Pacific Northwest law firm in Dirt Law® — real estate development, land use, environmental, construction, water rights, and natural resources law.  Our reputation in this area is in large part because of our dual professionals — attorneys educated and experienced in construction management, engineering, architecture, environmental regulation, and landscape architecture — who understand firsthand the issues faced by our clients in Dirt Law® related industries. We bring technical knowledge, experience, and a practical, business-savvy approach to providing legal services.  We blog regularly on Dirt Law related topics.  If you're interested in following along, visit