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Charter Schools and Education Law

Charter Schools and Education Law

Practice Areas

Forming and operating a public charter school is a daunting task, made more complicated and challenging due to the multiple state and federal laws and regulations applicable to the operation of a charter school.  Additionally, maintaining strong and productive relationships with families, charter school sponsors/authorizers, education service districts, and the Oregon and Washington Departments of Education are critical to maximizing the success of your school. Our team of charter school attorneys and policy experts at Jordan Ramis specialize not only in advising our charter school clients on legal challenges that arise, but also in working with charter schools to establish sound management and governance policies and practices to facilitate the smooth operation of the school and preserve relationships with those in the charter school community (families, sponsors, authorizers, media, and others).   Ultimately, our shared goal is to help the schools as well as their staff, teachers, and board members provide the very best educational services to the children they serve. 
  • Charter School Formation:  Strategic guidance and technical assistance in all aspects of charter school creation including comprehensive charter school application drafting as well as renewals, incorporation, leases, policies, contracts, and supporting documentation to meet the high standards of local school districts and the State Board of Education.  We also offer representation before the State Board of Education.
  • Charter School Operations:  Work closely with school administrators and their boards on a range of issues, including the negotiation and documentation of management contracts between charter schools and educational management organizations/charter management organizations; corporate formation and governance; real estate development, facility construction, and properties management; and a range of financial matters.  We also help with insurance coverage, code violations, discipline and student relations, Section 504 and IDEA, student handbooks, FERPA, and more.  
  • Employment Law and Policy Development:  Drafting and implementation of governance and employee practices and policies, including record retention, conflict of interest, confidentiality, whistleblower, electronic communications, drug and alcohol, school policies development, employment agreements and policies, handbooks, hiring, dismissals, reviews, and more.  This also includes non-classroom legal compliance. 
  • Contracts Law:  Whether you need to draft a new contract or review and amend an existing one, we can assist, as our contracting expertise runs deep, and wide.  We also provide services to review vendor contracts with businesses, and negotiate school management company contracts and operating agreements. 
  • Facilities:  Leasing, negotiating, and/or purchasing real estate can be complex.  Whether it is real estate and facility-use arrangements for charter schools, helping to negotiate leases with property owners for commercial real estate and property for charter schools, or assisting in purchasing and construction or expansion projects, we can help.
  • Charter School Governance/Public Meetings, Records, and Contracting Law:  Comprehensive and topic specific in-service training and workshops, non-profit board requirements, board governance public meetings law, public records law, and public contracting law.
  • Advocacy and Community Relations:  Monitoring state legislative developments that affect charter schools and navigating the political and legal landscape at school districts, we have achieved charter approvals in the face of stiff opposition by administration and school district outside legal counsel.  These services also include formation and representation of 527 political organizations, political action committees and campaigns, and campaigns on matters pertaining to state and federal election law, state and federal campaign finance, and lobbying.
  • Litigation:  Advocacy before administrative and judicial bodies; assistance with dispute resolution.