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Environmental & Natural Resources Law

Environmental & Natural Resources Law

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"The people at JR know alternative methods of resolving environmental problems and have the capability and capacity to work with the regulators and permit writers to implement a selected course of action. JR has provided consistent and value-added services for us and many of our clients." — Senior principal/owner of a planning firm

At Jordan Ramis PC, our environmental lawyers represent landowners, developers, businesses, local governments, and financial institutions in recognizing and solving the multitude of environmental law concerns that arise today. We regularly advise our clients on environmental law issues, including environmental risk management and allocation in business transactions, environmental waste management and disposal on job sites, environmental permitting and reporting to regulatory agencies, environmental litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, environmental spill and release response, and worker safety. 
Our environmental services include:
  • Environmental permitting
  • Environmental due diligence prior to site acquisition
  • Environmental risk management and allocation in business transactions
  • Waste management and disposal on job sites
  • Environmental contamination cleanup responsibility
  • Development of an environmental response plan after discovering contamination
  • Liability of sureties under construction bonds
  • Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act compliance
  • Performance audits of operating facilities
  • Underground storage tank regulation and removal
  • Liability of insurers' cost-recovery and contribution claims under insurance policies
  • Remediation contractor liability
  • Contracts with environmental consultants and remediation contractors
  • Evaluation of insurance products to reduce environmental risk and manage liability
  • Treatment of environmental claims in bankruptcy
  • Treatment of environmental claims and liabilities during and after foreclosure

Our environmental litigation services include:
  • Initial assessment of the scope, nature and significance of issues that may or will affect client interests
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Management of administrative agency relationships to effectively communicate client concerns and strength and weaknesses of agency positions
  • Identification and management of existing or needed documentation and records
  • Use and management of technical experts
  • Defense of agency decisions
  • Challenges to agency decisions
  • Coordination of live testimony and preparation of witnesses
  • Administrative hearings and contested case proceedings
  • State and federal trial court proceedings
  • State and federal appellate proceedings