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Environmental, Water, & Natural Resources Litigation

Environmental, Water, & Natural Resources Litigation

Practice Areas

Water and Natural Resources Litigation generally involves challenging or defending state or federal agency decisions. These cases involve administrative proceedings, judicial proceedings, or in many cases a unique blend of both.
We typically use our established agency relationships and the administrative process to seek resolution without resorting to litigation. This is a more efficient and certain path to achieve our clients’ goals. Through this process we develop an administrative record in support of our desired outcomes. We also use the process to think several steps ahead as we develop our litigation strategy.

When the administrative process cannot achieve our clients’ goals, we go to battle for our clients. We have years of experience in state and federal courts on water and natural resources matters. This includes state Court of Appeals and Supreme Court cases on water law issues of first impression as well as work in the federal trial court and appellate court system on complex water and natural resources cases.
Services include:
  • Initial assessment of the scope, nature and significance of issues that may or will affect client interests
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Management of administrative agency relationships to effectively communicate client concerns and strength and weaknesses of agency positions
  • Identification and management of existing or needed documentation and records
  • Use and management of technical experts
  • Defense of agency decisions
  • Challenges to agency decisions
  • Coordination of live testimony and preparation of witnesses
  • Administrative hearings and contested case proceedings
  • State and federal trial court proceedings
  • State and federal appellate proceedings