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Estate Planning/Probate/Trusts

Estate Planning/Probate/Trusts

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"Our choice of Jordan Ramis to probate our dad's estate was based on their ability to handle an estate with assets in four western states, involving multiple properties and significant valuation issues. Their response and expertise has been all we hoped for." — Heirs to a multimillion-dollar estate

Regardless of where you are in the circle of life, an estate plan is a critical component to making sure that things are handled the way that you would like when you are no longer able to direct things yourself, either because of death, injury or long-term hospitalization.  Jordan Ramis can help with the proper documents and organization so that you will know how things will be handled, where assets and belongings will go, who will take your place, the various tax implications, timing, and other details.  We can also assist with probate of wills. 
Services include:
  • Simple and complex wills, trusts, and related estate-planning documents
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Charitable contributions
  • Special-needs trusts, durable powers of attorney, advance directives, and guardianships and conservatorships
  • Estate administration (probate)
  • State and federal individual, fiduciary, and inheritance tax returns
  • Representation of corporate and individual fiduciaries and will and trust beneficiaries in probate litigation and other contested matters