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Government Relations

Government Relations

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The attorneys at Jordan Ramis provide local, regional, and state government relation services for select clients. We believe that effective government relations and strategic messaging begins with in-depth analysis and ends with a carefully executed advocacy plan. We begin this process by identifying our clients’ opportunities for success and help them build a strategic messaging platform to educate elected leaders on why the issue should be important to them. We strive to identify ways that our clients’ objectives are aligned with the objectives of other governmental entities, so that elected leaders and their staff can understand how the issues benefit their constituents. Some issues can be resolved with a phone call, while others require coalition building and extensive advocacy. Although, not all issues can be resolved through strategic messaging and advocacy, we find that building relationships, and connecting with key leaders, is a strategy that often works for our clients.
  • Strategic messaging and lobbying
  • Government relations and lobbying
  • Coalition building and organizing
  • Real estate and project development
  • Transportation policy development