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Land Use Law

Land Use Law

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"The Jordan Ramis team successfully assisted in the finalization of purchase and in obtaining land use approval on our mixed-use project. They helped develop our strategies and provided a wide range of legal and project support. We are very proud to have Jordan Ramis as a key member of the development team for our projects." — President of a real estate and development corporation

The attorneys at Jordan Ramis PC understand the sometimes adversarial, always complex process of preparing to develop a parcel of land. They have decades of experience in guiding clients and their development projects through the maze of ever-evolving zoning laws and permitting processes implemented by the cities, counties, and regions of the Northwest. Jordan Ramis attorneys seek land use permits and approvals not with a cookie-cutter approach, but rather with hands-on experience, familiarity with the system, and extra effort in working with the policy makers.
Our land use services include:
  • Permit strategy
  • Assessment of decision to develop (or not develop) in a jurisdiction
  • Negotiation of conditions of approval with planning staff
  • Identification of traffic impacts and street improvement requirements
  • Development phasing
  • Development agreements to limit on-site and off-site improvement cost exposure
  • Urban Growth Boundary amendments
  • Post acknowledgment comprehensive plan and zoning text and map amendments
  • Industrial and commercial planned developments
  • Subdivisions (industrial, commercial, and residential)
  • Infill development on difficult sites
  • Variances
  • Nonconforming uses
  • Development of special land use districts to accommodate unique development requests
  • Annexations
  • Condominium approvals
  • Natural resource and environmental permitting
Our land use litigation services include:
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Defense of entitlement decisions or challenges to project denials
  • Identification of appropriate experts
  • Identification and management of existing or needed documentation and records
  • Coordination of live testimony as appropriate
  • Preparation of witnesses
  • Preparation of defense and representation in court