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Land Use Litigation

Land Use Litigation

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Land Use Litigation is a complex process typically involving defense of entitlement decisions or challenge to project denials. 

The work begins with building a strong record at the local government level supporting our client’s case.  At this stage we develop strategy, advise clients on retention of appropriate experts, and manage required studies, coordinate live testimony, and prepare expert and lay witnesses.

In the Northwest region, Washington and Oregon have different processes and timing for pursuing land use decisions.  Our knowledgeable, experienced attorneys can help you prepare your best defense and work through the process for ensuing land use litigation and appeals at all levels in both of these states as well as at the U.S. Supreme Court level.
Services include: 
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Defense of entitlement decisions or challenges to project denials
  • Identification of appropriate experts
  • Identification and management of existing or needed documentation and records
  • Coordination of live testimony as appropriate
  • Preparation of witnesses
  • Preparation of defense and representation in court