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Practice Areas

Governments have special responsibilities to their residents and stakeholders–they must act in ways that the majority demands, while respecting the rights of minorities, all the while providing transparent processes and opportunities for public involvement.  The Jordan Ramis team has decades of experience advising local governments, from looking ahead and adopting plans for the future, to resolution of existing conflicts, and addressing the unexpected along the way.  The most pressing issues involve dispute resolution–times when the majority wants to follow a path that an individual or group opposes.   
  • Municipal litigation – This label covers many kinds of disputes, and municipal corporations are just like any other kind of corporation in this respect. Municipalities have a broad array of issues and need a law firm with broad background for advice and representation.  
  • Alternative dispute resolution – Mediation and arbitration are ways that we use to resolve disagreements informally, where the law allows. These methods give the parties greater flexibility to reach a resolution that is fair to all.
  • Insurance defense coordination – Insurance is an increasingly complex area when disputes arise. Getting the insurer to cover the costs of defense can be half the battle when reaching an accommodation or resolution. The Jordan Ramis team includes experts in insurance litigation who understand the nuances of this practice area.
  • Construction litigation – The Jordan Ramis team includes some of the best known and experienced construction litigation attorneys in the state. With its delays, distractions, and costs, we can often advise how to avoid litigation.
  • Appellate law – Some issues are very complicated, and one side or another may believe the trial court or tribunal didn’t get it right. Appeals we have handled include “home rule” authority, elections disputes, and land use approvals or denials. We do our utmost to advise against appeals that are not well founded, and try to resolve the disputes, even at this late stage.
  • Labor and employment litigation – The Jordan Ramis employment team has negotiated contracts, interpreted them, and, when necessary, litigated or otherwise resolved disputes over what the words mean.
  • Constitutional litigation – Respecting individual and property rights are always a concern and the Jordan Ramis team includes both state and federal experience in this contentious field.  
  • Eminent domain – The Jordan Ramis team frequently represents municipalities in acquiring property for public use. We have experience with valuation experts and have even represented landowners, so we can understand and anticipate the strategies of opposing counsel to resolve the issues.
  • Water rights litigation – The Jordan Ramis water team has been involved in the major water litigation in the state, and will continue to be involved as water becomes more critically important to cities, industries, environmental groups, and land owners.