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Municipal & Local Government

Municipal & Local Government

Practice Areas

Jordan Ramis PC has one of the largest local government practices in Oregon. Our public clients include a wide range of government agencies, including cities, counties, special districts, school districts, and public transit districts. In addition, because of our extensive experience in the local government arena, we are able to represent private business, developers, and construction clients in their relations with government agencies.

Our services include:
  • Employment law and counseling
  • Land use regulation and litigation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Construction law
  • Public contracts and agreements
  • Intergovernmental agreements and functional consolidations
  • Infrastructure financing and public finance
  • Urban Renewal Agency/District administration
  • Ethics rules interpretation and training
  • Formation and consolidation of special districts
  • Incorporation of cities
  • Budget law
  • Staff and council support
  • Elections law
  • Annexations
  • Public/private partnerships
  • Municipal court prosecutions
  • Government relations and legislation
  • Litigation