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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Practice Areas

Jordan Ramis PC's attorneys have extensive hands-on experience in providing real estate and development services to private and public clients who develop raw or previously developed land; who buy, sell, and lease real property; and who finance the building or rebuilding of structures and infrastructure.  The needs of clients vary widely in real estate transactions, just as the transactions themselves vary. Whether your deal is simple or complex, we have the talent, experience, and contacts to successfully handle the full scope of your needs with accuracy, speed, and efficiency.
Real estate services include:

  • Development of acquisition strategies and negotiation of business deal points
  • Document acquisition or sale of raw land, developed, portfolio, and distressed properties
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Due diligence
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Owner/developer agreements
  • Resolution of complex title problems
  • Project declarations and restrictive covenants
  • Unit ownership documentation and registration
  • Complex retail, office, and industrial leases
  • Lease management advice
  • Workout agreements
  • Dispute resolution, lease enforcement, and judicial remedies
  • Property management counsel
Project Finance
  • Analysis of financing alternatives
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of construction, mezzanine, and permanent financing
  • Environmental documents
  • Documentation of conventional and creative financing mechanisms
  • Lender counsel; loan documentation and enforcement
Commercial Lease Enforcement Program

  • Commercial landlord tenant disputes
  • Condemnations
  • Boundary line and easement disputes
  • Bankruptcy related to commercial real estate
  • Construction litigation
  • Water rights litigation
  • Land use litigation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Allocation of value, profits and equity
  • Purchase agreement disputes