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Water Quality Law

Water Quality Law

Practice Areas

Our lawyers and staff regularly assist public entities with the responsibility to protect water supplies and provide safe drinking water, and private entities who must treat, manage, and may discharge wastewaters in compliance with water pollution laws. We are experienced in all aspects of federal, state, and local laws and programs focused on protecting the quality of our region's water resources. We assist clients in navigating the regulatory programs under the federal Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Public Health Service Act, and analogous state statutes and programs.

We have many clients, public and private, who must regularly anticipate and comply with the NPDES permit program, Section 404 of the CWA, Section 403 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899, ESA, and the SWDA. Some of our lawyers have come from the regulator community, many have long relationships with such regulators, and all are experienced in navigating the complex framework of such regulations.

Whether the resource of interest is surface water, groundwater, stormwater, drinking water, or industrial waste waters, our lawyers and staff have experience in matters related to protecting, treating, permitting, preserving and conserving the resource in accord with all laws and applicable management practices.
Water Quality Services Include:
  • Interpretation and compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations 
  • Advice on federal Clean Water Act (“CWA”) compliance in both the permitting and enforcement areas
  • CWA compliance in both permitting and enforcement
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (“NPDES”) permitting, renewal, and monitoring
  • Renewing and interpreting NPDES permits regulating wastewater releases from publicly and privately owned wastewater treatment systems
  • Performance of wetlands protection and management
  • Monitoring instream water quality
  • Policy issues related to Total Maximum Daily Load (“TMDL”)
  • Point source and nonpoint source regulatory matters in water quality
  • TMDL processes and compliance
  • Wetlands regulation and mitigation under CWA Section 404 with Army Corps of Engineers, Department of State Lands, Department of Ecology, and local governments
  • Construction stormwater general permit issues
  • Land-based wastewater application
  • Stormwater permitting
Water Quality Litigation Services Include: 
  • Complex litigation involving interpretation and enforcement of federal and state clean water statutes and regulations relating to issues of contamination of public waterways, mining wastes, and related matters
  • Defending entities in contested case hearings brought by state and federal regulators related to allegations of discharge monitoring report violations
  • Implementing in-stream sampling and analyses protocols to support permit applications
  • Defending clients against alleged violations of NPDES permits through the administrative appeals processes
  • Complying with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act ("SDWA") and the state laws and regulations implementing the SDWA
  • Representing clients in discussions and negotiations with drinking water program regulatory staff in the construction and maintenance of public water supply systems
  • Interpreting and applying drinking water quality standards (including revised arsenic and lead standards), source water assessments, Drinking Water Protection Areas, and public water system jurisdictional triggers
  • Interpreting and applying SDWA provisions regarding state and federal loans for water system construction
  • Appeals of Municipal Stormwater Permits to Pollution Control Hearings Board
  • Appeals of Construction Stormwater Permit Issues to Pollution Control Hearings Board