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Advancing Water Policy Objectives


Our Client’s Challenge

Our client, an agricultural trade association and its irrigation-dependent members, were facing a challenging water policy environment, with little ability to pass significant water legislation. Stakeholders in the water policy arena were not communicating well, leading to mistrust and legislative gridlock.

Our Solution

Our water service group assisted our client’s development of a strategic vision for a broad-based water policy coalition, including the identification of important stakeholders. Once the coalition was created, we provided context and legal support as the group tackled important water policy issues. As part of this effort, we helped organize and teach a water law and policy training session for the Oregon legislature.

Our engagement helped establish our client as a key player in the water policy arena and a new communication paradigm among disparate groups, allowing for rational discussion and solutions to emerge where there was previously only conflict. As a result, during the 2013 legislative session, our Water Service Group was able to work with legislative leadership, the Oregon Governor’s office, and other stakeholders to develop pioneering water resources investment legislation (SB 839), which will help our client’s members and the people of Oregon for years to come.

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