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Interface Engineering

Andy Frichtl, Managing Principal
Portland, Oregon


“We’ve been working with our Jordan Ramis attorney for more than 20 years. For 15 of those, he has served on our board in an outside counsel capacity, listening and offering perspectives. When things come up, he is able to share knowledge and insights that help with pending issues, which proactively positions us to reduce potential legal problems down the road. Our long-standing relationship brings tremendous value to our business in other ways as well. Jordan Ramis’s understanding of our firm and industry means we experience great efficiencies; industry standards and previous cases encountered by others in our line of work are easily referenced. This develops a level of trust that is important and highly valued. From specific business aspects such as partnerships, contracts, corporate bylaws, and licensing, to HR and employment law, and litigation, our long-standing relationship with Jordan Ramis brings tremendous value to our business.”

– Andy Frichtl, Interface Engineering

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