Client Stories

Troy Johns, Founder

Urban NW Homes, Vancouver, Washington

Our business is a high dollar business, with transactions ranging from $1 million to $20 million.  Having Jordan Ramis on our side helps ensure that we stay out of trouble.  And because of their specific knowledge and experience in our industry, we are able to achieve so much more.  We recently had a very creative idea for a project that confused the seller.  The seller’s attorney was also confused.  Jordan Ramis was able to step in and communicate with the seller and their attorney in a way that not only cleared up the confusion, but ensured all parties that our idea was legal and reasonable.  The communication between Jordan Ramis and the other party saved the deal. 
We rely on Jordan Ramis in other areas as well.  They have prepared every kind of contract for us that you can have made.  Whether it’s a real estate, partnership, development agreement, or joint venture contract, Jordan Ramis is there to prepare the right one and establish the right foundation that everything else is built upon.  Jordan Ramis also offers industry advocacy, and they are very good at it.   They tirelessly advocate for the building industry in Washington and are proactive in navigating issues before things go into law.   Not only do they have the knowledge and skills, they are all around good guys that are nice and easy to work with.  I have worked with many attorneys.  If I ever have a Dirt Law issue and it’s really important, I won’t go anywhere else but Jordan Ramis. 

Andy Frichtl, Managing Principal

Interface Engineering, Portland, Oregon

We’ve been working with our Jordan Ramis attorney for more than 20 years.  For 15 of those, he has served on our board in an outside counsel capacity, listening and offering perspectives.  When things come up, he is able to share knowledge and insights that help with pending issues, which proactively positions us to reduce potential legal problems down the road.  Our long-standing relationship brings tremendous value to our business in other ways as well.  Jordan Ramis’s understanding of our firm and industry means we experience great efficiencies; industry standards and previous cases encountered by others in our line of work are easily referenced.  This develops a level of trust that is important and highly valued.  From specific business aspects such as partnerships, contracts, corporate bylaws, and licensing, to HR and employment law, and litigation, our long-standing relationship with Jordan Ramis brings tremendous value to our business.

Seth Anderson, AIA, Principal Architect

Ascent Architecture & Interiors, Bend, Oregon

Our firm works on senior living, multifamily, brewery, and commercial projects in Oregon and throughout multiple states across the country. Our progressive approach, paired with a national level of customer service, enables us to establish long-term relationships with our clients, as well as the professional services that support our firm.

Jordan Ramis has assisted us on several industry-specific matters, including contract reviews and copyright.  We appreciate their personal approach to our projects, as well as their understanding of our work and our business.  Architecture is a very technical discipline and requires attorneys who understand industry nuances and jargon.  Because the Jordan Ramis attorneys already possess architecture and construction knowledge, they are able to quickly process and respond to our needs.  

Avaly Scarpelli, Executive Director

Building Industry Association of Clark County, Vancouver, Washington
We retained Jordan Ramis to represent the Building Industry Association of Clark County (“BIA”) on a State of Washington stormwater issue.  Jordan Ramis has a community partnership mentality. This, combined with all of the knowledge and information they had on the issues surrounding local development constraints and stormwater issues in Washington, made it a natural choice to hire the firm to take on the appeal for us.  They went above and beyond to put in the time, pool the resources, make a great argument, reach out to create partnerships, and bring in industry experts to testify on our behalf.  They were a great facilitator of partnerships and brought the knowledge and expertise needed to handle the appeal effectively.  Thanks to Jordan Ramis, the success of our appeal led to changes to the permit that added greater flexibility and reduced potentially elevated costs.

Allan Evridge, Developer and Entrepreneur

Vancouver, Washington

I see Jordan Ramis as my security guard.  I can’t speak highly enough about their industry knowledge.  It’s huge.  It’s nice to go into an unknown, prospective land acquisition project with someone that has the knowledge and resources to point me in the right direction should a situation arise.  They can mitigate my exposure up front.  Knowing you have people invested in you and knowledgeable in your field to give you the best advantage possible is terrific.  Having known a few of the attorneys at Jordan Ramis for a while now, I can say that I’ve been nothing but impressed with everyone I’ve interacted with.  They are great people that get to the point and give me great advice.  We have a great working relationship because of mutual respect and trust.  

Jeff Stone, Executive Director

Oregon Association of Nurseries, Wilsonville, Oregon

For almost a decade, Jordan Ramis has provided great legal service to our organization and its members. Through use of a legal access program, Jordan Ramis provides members with up to 30 minutes per month to ask questions or, if necessary, employ the firm’s services for larger issues.  The firm has offered help with everything from personnel matters and issues that impact everyday business, to water certification and larger land use issues.  Regardless of the issue, Jordan Ramis is there to help.  Most recently, we were thrilled to have landmark legislation passed for the State’s first water supply bill in history.  The legislation passed without a single dissenting vote. This couldn’t have been done without Jordan Ramis.