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Jordan Ramis PC's attorneys are prolific writers on issues of interest and importance to our clients. We write for numerous industry publications as well as for our own newsletter, Off the Record,  and email alerts. Our Article Database covers hundreds of topics.  Below are our ten most recent articles.  Our article database covers hundreds of topics.  To find an article, use the search and filter feature below.

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Defects in Construction Project Plans and Specifications—How the Implied Warranty of Specifications Dictates Liability
Handshake Deal on SDC Credits?
The Trump Tax Bill Will Greatly Impact Nonprofit Sector Revenues
Owner-Implied Duties and Warranties – Not All the Important Terms are Written in the Contract
So You Think You Have a Delay Claim? Prove it.
Why Metro Should OK Suburban Housing Expansion Proposal
Oregon Takes on Pay Disparity
Building and Development in an Environment of Rising Interest Rates
Employers Facing New Challenges Against Retaliation Claims
Critical Pitfalls in Oregon’s Construction Lien Statutes: Requests for Information from Owners

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