Jordan Ramis pc. Attorneys at law
Andy Frichtl, Interface Engineering
“It’s great to have a relationship with Jordan Ramis. They look out for us, give us the heads up in advance if there is something we need to pay attention to, and are able to offer the specific expertise and experience of our business and industry when an issue does arise. ”
– Andy Frichtl, Managing Principal, Interface Engineering
Troy Johns, Urban NW Homes
“Jordan Ramis not only offers legal expertise, they are there to remind you when you have a legal deadline. They understand how important these deals are, and they don’t want you to miss your window. I find this service invaluable.”
– Troy Johns, Founder, Urban NW Homes
Bruce Weech, Skagit Recovery Center
“Jordan Ramis helped our non-profit find its course again after veering into the weeds. We restructured our services, organized employee policies, created an employee handbook, provided training, and set ongoing training and orientation as a standard moving forward. We're back where we need to be, and are now in the process of expanding!”
– Bruce Weech, Board President, Skagit Recovery Center
Allan Evridge, Developer and Entrepreneur
“Jordan Ramis is the ace in your sleeve. They have the knowledge and expertise to assist in any situation that might arise in complex transactions.”
– Allan Evridge, Developer and Entrepreneur
Avaly Scarpelli, Executive Director, Building Industry Association of Clark County
“Jordan Ramis has done a great job handling our legal needs effectively. From legislative meetings and appeals, to government affairs and strategic initiatives, they've brought tremendous industry knowledge and skill to the table for us and put forth the time, effort, and energy needed to achieve results.”
– Avaly Scarpelli, Executive Director, Building Industry Association of Clark County
Laura Gentry, KG Investment Management, AmberGlen
“The benefit of working as a team with Jordan Ramis is clear. Because we have had the chance to get to know each other well, a lot of time is saved during the transaction. In a business where time kills deals, we find this invaluable.”
– Laura Gentry, KG Investment Management, AmberGlen
Jeff Stone, Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN)
“As legal counsel to the OAN, the Jordan Ramis team is very familiar with the needs and challenges of our industry and our member businesses. For nearly a decade they have been there to help, securing results and offering great legal advice in every conceivable area in which the law can touch our industry. ”
– Jeff Stone, Executive Director, Oregon Association of Nurseries

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