May 2, 2012

Clark County Passes Economic Development Incentives


The Clark County Board of Commissioners took an extraordinary step last night passing five distinct ordinances designed to spur job creation and development in Clark County.  First, the County passed aresolution extending certain types of land use approvals a further twenty-four months.  Many projects would lose the approvals they have without the extension.  The economy is just beginning to pick up steam in the county to the point where some of these projects may actually proceed.  This is similar to measures already taken by the Washington legislature with the passage of House Bill 2152.

The board also approved two new transportation-specific ordinances.  The first of these allows a developer to pay transportation impact fees in installments over a period of five years, provided they sign an agreement with the county and pay reasonable interest.  The second measure would allow for earlyconcurrency approval.  An applicant would submit an early traffic study and would receive either a letter of concurrency or would show which intersections might present a problem.  The developer would then receive a letter of concurrency and/or what mitigation measures would be needed to comply with concurrency.  There would be a reservation of trip capacity for the project so long as a fully completed land use application was submitted within 180 days.

Finally, the Board looked at passing a temporary waiver of development fees and transportation impact fees for development bringing jobs into the county. While both of these passed, additional work remains before they are implemented.  We will post updates here.

For more information on this topic, please contact or call (888) 598-7070.


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