December 14, 2018

Metro Council Approved Urban Growth Boundary Expansions


Earlier this week, the Metro Council unanimously voted to approve four urban growth boundary expansions, totaling nearly 2,200 acres.  The approval opens up a generous amount of land for new development, possibly 9,200 new homes, according to Metro

The proposals for expansion came from four cities: Hillsboro, Beaverton, Wilsonville, and King City.  According to Metro, Hillsboro was granted a 150-acre expansion near Witch Hazel Road, adding at least 850 homes; Wilsonville was granted a 271-acre expansion, adding at least 1,325 homes; Beaverton was granted a 1,232-acre expansion, near Cooper Mountain, adding at least 3,760 new units of housing; and King City was granted a 528-acre expansion for a new town center, near the City’s west side.


By law, the Metro Council is required to evaluate and ensure that the region has enough land in the urban growth boundary for at least 20 years of growth.  Unlike years past, in 2018, Metro Council analyzed the feasibility and likelihood of development in the expansion areas.  Metro Council has not expanded the urban growth boundary since 2004. 


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