March 2, 2015

The Difference Between Medical and Recreational Pot


The difference between medical and recreational pot is regulatory. Medical pot is regulated by the Oregon Health Authority, whose focus is licensing of growers, and on prescriptions and eligibility for same, which does not include an extensive tracking system as plants are grown through the final sale. Recreational pot will be managed by OLCC, which traditionally regulates alcohol from production through sale, and announced last week they intend to create the same comprehensive regulatory framework for pot from seed to sale. OLCC will likely ban the sale of medical marijuana in stores that sell the recreational type, to limit the likelihood that untracked medical marijuana will enter the recreational marijuana market.

In Washington, the legalization of recreational pot has taken market share from medical pot stores, and forecasters anticipate the same in Oregon. Landlords and local jurisdictions now must decide whether to also regulate the two types separately, while at the same time keeping away from the regulatory wrangling between OLCC and the Health Authority.

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