Local Governments and Special Districts


Jordan Ramis PC has one of the largest local government law practices in the region. Our clients include a wide range of businesses and industry organizations as well as government agencies, cities, counties, school districts, and a variety of special districts, such as fire districts, irrigation districts, conservation districts, and public transit districts.

We leverage deep experience and relationships in the public and private sectors to help local governments and special districts negotiate complex political, government, and business issues and achieve favorable outcomes. With many of our attorneys having spent years working in government roles, our clients have the peace of mind knowing that their legal counsel have an insider’s perspective. We understand how government works and have developed relationships with decision-makers at various levels. In today’s political and regulatory environment, Jordan Ramis PC provides high-level strategic advice, helping our clients creatively solve problems and avoid the hurdles that can hinder success.

Committed to Our Region

Our dedication and focus on local government law reflect our commitment to public service. Our passion for building and managing strong cities shows through the various ways we contribute to the local government and special districts industry. From supporting our region’s government trade associations or leading nonprofits that build homes for people with disabilities, our team sincerely values the stability and positive growth of the built environment and how it interacts with local government.

We work collaboratively with local governments and special districts as general counsel or outside counsel assisting with special projects. We understand the unique environment of public meetings, public contracting, employment, elections, and local budget law. Working extensively with staff and with elected and appointed officials, we provide advice and trainings on legal issues and decision-making processes, ranging from administrative hearings to government ethics trainings.

Additional Resources for Our Clients

Our clients benefit from the access we have through our existing relationships, and those that we know how to cultivate. Whether it is legislative or regulatory work, communication or strategy at a local, state, or federal level, we leverage our individual strengths, our combined relationships, and our participation in the political process to help clients develop and implement a blueprint that will support long-term success and generate results.

Specifically, we have the added resources of dedicated contract attorneys onboard our team to assist with government-specific issues relating to public safety and policing, prosecution, land use planning, and city management.

Environmental, Natural Resources, and Water

Public entities have a unique role in which they are simultaneously tasked with protecting public health and the environment, while also carrying out the business functions necessary to serve their constituents. This sometimes creates tensions in the complex legal environment pertaining to environmental, natural resources, and water issues. Our team has years of experience helping hundreds of local governments with permitting, compliance, and enforcement matters pertaining to the Pacific Northwest’s natural resources. We use our deep relationships with state and federal agency staff to help guide our clients through these complex processes to achieve their goals.

Environmental and natural resources challenges can arise in a wide variety of settings. Our local government and special districts clients depend on our practical advice to help them turn environmental and natural resources problems into opportunities. This includes helping those clients comply with state and federal environmental laws and regulations. It also includes helping those clients enforce laws that protect their assets and citizens against environmental contamination or other health threats.

Water rights and water quality issues frequently arise as issues of high importance for public entities. For municipalities, water districts, and irrigation districts, water is the lifeblood of the community. Access to clean, reliable, and legally protected water is one of the most important aspects of serving the public. We understand the unique issues faced in this industry from irrigation distractive water rights management and compliance, to municipal water right permits, to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) permitting, renewal, and monitoring for releases from wastewater treatment systems. Our team melds our legal knowledge with our practical understanding of how water systems operate to deliver pragmatic advice that helps our clients meet their long-term goals.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most important assets held by local governments. Public property demands special treatment, from the moment of acquisition to the moment of disposition. Our team offers a deep understanding of public law and the real estate industry as we advise our local government and special district clients about the unique aspects of public real estate law. We excel at finding undiscovered opportunities and creative solutions to accomplish our clients’ goals. This allows us to provide legal and practical advice to our clients at every stage of virtually all types of real estate transactions involving developed and undeveloped land. Throughout every phase of the process, we proactively identify issues, work collaboratively, and offer creative solutions, all of which help our clients make smart and informed decisions.




Understanding the new climate rules

March 2, 2022

The Climate Protection Program (CPP), Oregon’s new regulatory program starting in 2022, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve co-benefits from the reduction of other non-greenhouse gas air contaminants and improve the welfare of communities of color, tribal communities, communities experiencing lower incomes and rural communities. Attorney Marika E. Sitz explores the mechanics of the CPP and its potential impact on nurseries and other businesses in a recent article published by Digger Magazine.


Infrastructure Bill Crypto Reporting Provisions Likely to Cause Confusion

November 19, 2021

The “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,’’ provides hundreds of billions of dollars of new federal spending on public works projects like road and bridge construction, harbor maintenance, and water facilities. The law also includes a provision related to the reporting of cryptocurrency transactions and other electronic representations of value.



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