December 16, 2022


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Presented by Keenan Ordon-Bakalian

At the Oregon Land Use Law Seminar, held December 1 and 2, 2022, in Portland, Oregon, Jordan Ramis PC Attorney Keenan Ordon-Bakalian, along with Max Yoklic of  NewSun Energy, reviewed significant land use cases from the Federal courts, Oregon Appeals and Supreme courts and the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, which impacted cannabis facility licensing, beach front property in Cannon Beach, a new multistory airport hanger, a bulk fuels distribution terminal and asphalt refinery, and more!

Click here to read the case law summaries>>

The presenters would like to thank the Oregon State Bar Real Estate and Land Use Section (“RELU”) and contributors to the RELU Digest, who assisted in the preparation of these materials. These materials are reprinted as revised with permission from RELU Digest. Special thanks goes to Judy Parker with the RELU Digest and Savannah Terp at the Seminar Group.

Tags: Business, Construction, Real Estate and Land Use, Construction and Development, Commercial Real Estate

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