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State Issues Update
July 01, 2014
The Department of Revenue released a draft rule that we commented on, along with BIAW (Building Industry Association of Washington) and others, that would seemingly charge BIA B&O taxes on the Parade of Homes and other events offered to the public. We will again be submitting comments to try to change the rule.\r\n\r\nOn Tuesday, May 27th, the Washington Supreme Court heard arguments in a citizen suit filed against BIAW during the 2008 governors race. The issue is whether BIAW needed to register as a PAC, even though the Public Disclosure Commission and Attorney General determined that the BIAW did not. This case makes strange bedfellows. Several key labor groups filed Amicus briefs in support of BIAW because the language contained in a portion of the Division II Court of Appeals decision could require unions and other trade groups to also file as a PAC. We will keep you posted regarding the outcome.


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