May 31, 2024

PRESENTATION: PFAs in the Pacific Northwest–A Lawyer’s Perspective


Jordan Ramis Attorney David Rabbino was a co-panelist at the 2024 Northwest Remediation Conference, presented by Northwest Environmental Business Association in Tacoma, Washington, May 2, 2024. David’s presented, “PFAs In The Pacific Northwest – A Lawyer’s Perspective,” as part of an interactive session that included expert discussion of PFAS sites in the Pacific Northwest, including updates on emerging state and federal PFAS regulations. Panelists shared multiple perspectives on challenges and opportunities associated with PFAS remediation, and how the rapidly evolving regulatory environment and technical understanding of PFAS science are impacting industries and cleanup sites in the Northwest today. Attendees also learned about the latest developments in PFAS remediation and gain a deeper understanding of approaches to PFAS cleanup at regional sites.

Click here to review the slides.


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