Real Estate and Land Use


Our real estate and land use team has extensive experience representing developers, investors, lenders, contractors, landlords, and commercial tenants. From breaking ground to disposition, we work with our clients in every stage of the real estate process. We advise clients on legal considerations for all real estate asset types, including:

  • Housing community developments
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential apartments
  • Mixed-use projects
  • Resorts and hotels

We also guide our real estate and land use clients through the many corporate and finance issues that are faced on a typical project, from corporate formation, and joint venture structuring issues, to negotiating construction and acquisition financing, loan modifications, and defaulted loan workouts.

Representing public and private clients from developers and design professionals to cities and special districts, our team offers the resources and convenience of a full-service business law firm. Our attorneys excel at finding undiscovered opportunities and creative solutions to accomplish our clients’ goals, while also recognizing that time is a critical element in the success of a project or transaction. We seamlessly integrate with our client’s team of advisors and professionals, ensuring that our legal advice is perfectly in synch with their goals and concerns.

Whether we are helping a developer bring a new project to life or helping an investor structure the acquisition of their next real estate portfolio piece, our real estate and land use attorneys have the talent, experience, and contacts to efficiently handle the full scope of your needs.


  • Land Use

    The Jordan Ramis land use team is well-known throughout the Pacific Northwest for their understanding of the sometimes adversarial and always complex process of preparing to develop a parcel of land. With decades of experience, we guide clients and their development projects through the maze of ever-evolving permitting processes implemented by the cities, counties, and regions of Oregon and Washington. Our attorneys seek land use permits and approvals not with a cookie-cutter approach, but rather with creative solutions, familiarity with the system, and extra effort in working with the policy makers.

    With our roots planted deep in the Pacific Northwest, our team is well-versed in navigating Oregon and Washington’s complex land use laws. We help clients secure the appropriate zoning entitlements and other permits, negotiate with planning staff, handle urban growth boundary amendments, and assist in developing special land use districts to accommodate unique development requests. As we work with clients on urban or rural land use and development matters, we prioritize keeping our clients’ projects on schedule.

    In addition to providing advice and skilled counsel, another benefit of working with our land use team is our experience handling diverse issues that landowners and developers frequently run into such as environmental liability, discharge permits, construction disputes, water rights, and other natural resources issues.

  • Transactions

    A mainstay in the region’s commercial real estate scene for decades, our comprehensive team of real estate experts serve a wide variety of clients in commercial real estate transactions across the Pacific Northwest. Whether your deal is simple or complex, we have the talent, experience, and contacts to provide accurate strategic counsel and assistance with your transactions.

    With years of experience representing developers, investors, lenders, contractors, landlords, and commercial tenants, our transactional real estate team has the skill and savviness to manage urgent and deadline-driven deals by prioritizing our clients’ goals in advance and working resourcefully to reach optimal outcomes.

    As a result, we are able to draw upon our deep industry knowledge to provide legal and practical advice to our clients at every stage of virtually all types of commercial real estate transactions, including acquisitions, sales, and leases of land and buildings; 1031 tax-deferred exchanges; complex title problems; negotiating master declarations and covenants, conditions, and restrictions for sprawling projects; and owner/developer agreements. Throughout every phase of the process, we proactively identify issues, work collaboratively, and offer creative solutions, all of which help our clients make smart and informed decisions.


Matthew Lowe Executive Committee Member & Shareholder



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